Maling Ward

Maling Ward takes its name from the road beside the Canterbury Railway Station which ran through a large property owned by the Logan family.

The area originally had four different names due to various subdivisions. Councillor Mercy suggested that long-term Councillor and three-time Mayor, John Butler Maling be honoured in 1899, with a last section renamed also in 1908.

The Maling Road part of the Canterbury Shopping Centre slowly became more important than Canterbury Road. By World War I, the two-storey row of shops, a theatre and hall and then the de-licensing of the large Canterbury Hotel increased the area's importance. The area is now recognised and protected by Council as an important tourist precinct.    Source: History of ward names, City of Boroondara

The main shopping centres in Maling Ward are:
  • Maling Road, Canterbury Melway 46 D11)
  • Balwyn Shopping Centre, along Whitehorse Road at the intersection with Balwyn Road, Balwyn (Melway 46 D8-E8) 
  • Mont Albert: intersection of Whitehorse and Union roads, Balwyn (Melway 46 H8)
  • Surrey Hills: intersection of Union and Canterbury roads, Surrey Hills (Melway 46 H11)

Map of Maling Ward

View Maling Ward issues in a larger map

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